In the era of HGTV, YouTube and Home Depot, anyone can become a remodeler, or at least feel the inspiration to hire one. At the heart of Portland's real estate industry I've seen it all, the good, bad and very, very ugly. Long before we took on a remodeling project of our own, I curiously started noticing that buyer's didn't always adore the most expensive finishes in the homes, but rather the flow and feeling that evoked emotion, and the elements in the home the lead them to this conclusion.  In October of 2015, a remodel project landed in our laps that we simply couldn't pass up. With the knowledge I gained from touring hundreds of homes with buyers, we set out to achieve a remodel that would be cost effective, unique and conducive to modern living. 

This blog documents our experience from permits to final approval and noteworthy tips, insight, pricing discoveries found in-between. I hope this blog serves as a useful navigation tool for readers thinking of remodeling your current home, buying a remodeled home or investing in a home to remodel. Have a question that isn't covered here or want to learn more? Contact me directly using the contact link in the upper right hand column. 


Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy following along with our crazy, quaint, humble(ing) remodel.