Time to Sell?

As a listing specialist, my mission is simple: provide quality buyers to conduct a fast, profitable closing. 

CMA: Each client receives a two part Comparable Market Analysis. My detailed report outlines your home's value, neighborhood trends, and plays a critical role in determining your best price. 

Pre-Market Prep: Once you're ready to sell, you'll receive a checkoff list and timeline to prep your home for market. We'll boost your curb appeal and stage the interior to maximize your home's appearance.

Marketing Campaign: Every home will be advertised via direct print, uploaded for to all internet search engines via RMLS, and hosted opens. In addition to the norm, all my listings are professionally photographed, featured on thriving social media outlets and included in Windermere's Exclusive 'First Look' Tour. Your home will generate an instant buzz and reach a larger pool of targeted, qualified buyers.

Closing: Once we're ready to close, you'll receive a detailed timeline of events and daily updates on your transaction's status. With strength and experience in negotiations, your home will have a quick, efficient closing, with the highest rate of return.  

What's my Home's Value?

Keeping up with Portland's housing market is not only important when buying, but also for home owners to track their home's worth. Click here to stay connected to trends that determine your home's value.