With limited light, lots of gray, and cold nights it's crucial to provide buyers a warm, bright, cozy home to fall in love with.

While there's less buyers searching in the fall and winter, overall home inventory is lower as well. Here are our basic, affordable tips to get an edge on your competition and to boost your homes curb appeal during Portland's colder months:

1: A Well Groomed Front Yard

Help buyers to envision what the front yard will look like come spring and summer with a nice tidy front yard. The view from the front of your home is the first impression the buyer will get. Rake up debris, trim overgrowth, and remove weeds. Cold weather plants like evergreens and tall grasses can really help to liven a stale yard. 

2: Exterior Maintenance

It's important to show buyers that your home has been well cared for. Make sure to clean the leaves and debris out of your gutters that accumulated during the fall. A pressure washer can do wonders to uncover a beautiful porch and walkway that has been coated with dirt and moss. 

3: Outdoor Lighting

pathway lighting.jpg

Now that the days are getting shorter, most buyers will be touring after work when it's dark. Make sure to invite buyers in with warm pathway and front door lighting. A series of solar path lights to the front door is inexpensive and a beautiful touch.

4: Go Full “Hygge”!

Cozy spaces and fun decorations help add warmth to the cold. Touches like a neatly stacked pile of firewood against a wall and big chunky blankets on the sofa are great. Try flanking the front door with cold-hardy topiaries or hanging a wreath on the front door. Let's stay away from going overboard with inflatable reindeer, but limited white lights over shrubs can provide a nice cozy feel. 

Need help boosting your home's curb appeal? I'd love to sit down to chat and give you my ideas!