Pietro Belluschi, Robert Rummer, John Storrs, John Yeon, Bud Oringdulph, and Saul Zaik led a beautiful movement of natural materials, striking lines, post and beam architecture, and vaulted ceilings all coupled with extensive window lines. They had a keen sense of good design and knew how to bring the outdoors in. Today, firms like Skylab Architecture, Works Progress Architecture, and Scott | Edwards Architecture are carrying this torch to push the limits of how a space fits into the environment and how our homes make us feel.

While my love of architecture is not limited to modern homes, there's nothing quite like warm wood, clean lines, and a wall of glass to bring nature indoors. 


Mid-Century Modern

Portland Rummer // Remodeled by the Segerholt's and featured in Dwell

Portland Rummer // Remodeled by the Segerholt's and featured in Dwell

With grey days from October to May, mid-century moderns staples of floor to ceiling windows, heavy doses of skylights, and open floor plans help keep us Portlanders happy throughout the winter. 

Mid-century modern was led by the belief that form no longer followed function. Homes should be built around families, not the other way around. Architects focused on simple design that brings light into the home, creates spaces for entertaining, and frames views of the yard and garden. 

Most of Portland's mid-century modern homes are scattered throughout southwest Portland and into Beaverton. 



Arboretum Residence // Skylab Architecture

Arboretum Residence // Skylab Architecture

Portland has incredible architects that are pushing design. With a focus on natural materials and bold lines, they are creating amazing art. Homes like the Hoke House prove wood exterior and natural materials can still be used in Portland's wet climate.

A few builders like H. Hudson Homes are focusing solely on new construction of thoughtful, modern homes to fit a creative lifestyle. 

Most of Portland's contemporary homes are in fill projects in close-in eastside neighborhoods or found in the west hills. 


Let's work together

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