A great friend introduced me to their colleague Christine, her husband Ian and their sweet boy Silas. This family of creatives living in Brooklyn were thinking moving roots to Portland. They put a trip to visit on the calendar, and I put together a tour to explore different pockets with them so they could get a feel for Portland.

There's so much to fall in love with about Portland and the Pacific Northwest, but the first day of their trip was not it. Through torrential downpour we drove across town while I explained the attraction and nuanced differences of each neighborhood. I figured there was no chance Portland's charm shone through the worst rain I've ever seen.

Boy was I wrong. They loved it. Over the next year they made the move west. They found a place in Alberta to rent and started exploring town. Once they had a good sense of where they wanted to buy their first home, the search was on!

Ian's background in design and architecture gave vision to the perfect home in Cully: hardwoods hidden under carpet waiting to be restored, a living room dying to opened up, and a finished basement with a separate entrance ready to rent.

Ian and Christine got a leg up on the competition as I spent time to build a relationship with the listing agent and understanding terms the seller cared about. With this insight, they were able to put together the winning offer and score a great home!

I work hard to fight for my buyers and get them any advantage I can in this sellers market. If you're considering buying or selling your home, I'd love to help!